A hiking we will go…

Ollie had his first official hike on his own two legs all the way to Mirror Lake when Aunt Erika was visiting in August. Now that the weather is still nice we decided to squeeze in another–Elowah Falls. This one had more of a drop-off and had lots of rocks and roots in the trail but we made it.


When Lucy first saw the falls she called it the “misty mister”. DSC_0304 Once we arrived it was playing time. Lots of rock throwing into the creek, playing on the bridge and snack time.





DSC_0357 After our hike we stopped off at the Bonneville Fish Hatchery where we fed the rainbow trout and saw a giant 70 year old sturgeon. At the hatchery it is salmon spawning season and it was interesting to see the process at the hatchery, However it was very saddening to a 4 almost 5 year old about the life cycle. He’s such a caring little guy and was really saddened to see lots of giant salmon being corralled together for sorting and egg harvesting. DSC_0377 DSC_0382

Lucy and “Herman” the sturgeon

We finished the day in Casade Locks with an ice cream cone bigger than our heads! It was like being on vacation but we were only 45 minutes from home.


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