Ollie is 5!!!

Ollie’s birthday party is one of my favorite times of the year. I told Ollie that recently and I asked him if he agreed. His reply was Christmas was still his favorite. I am pretty sure when I was a kid Christmas was my favorite too.

The theme for his party back when we were in Hawaii in February was an Octonauts party theme. Octonauts is the coolest show and we all have acquired lots of new sea creature facts on that show. The theme then changed in July to a Monster Truck party. Luckily we had already picked up an Octopus slip n’ slide sometime in the summer which wasn’t quite Monster Truck party material but who doesn’t love a slip n’ slide?!?

His friends that came were Richard, Reese, Charlotte, Mason, Orion, James and Miles (from school), Lily, Ella, Eli, Ella (Lucy’s friend) and her baby brother James and Luke Porter.

Grandpa P is a whiz at making amazing cakes so I asked her if she would make it and she said “yes!” Ollie was pretty pleased when he saw the cake.



We had an obstacle course, pin the plate on the monster truck and a monster truck digging area. Ryan set up all the back-up activities and it looked great! We served pretzel dogs, bagel bites, Papa made pitas in his pizza oven and I made cheez whiz from scratch. Of course we had Pirates Booty too which is Ollie’s favorite snack of all time.













It was a really fun afternoon/evening. Watching Ollie’s face when we sing his happy birthday song and he blows out the candles always feels so special to me.





For the record Ollie’s interests at 5 include: legos, legos and more legos, monster trucks, sea creatures, riding his bike, swinging (which is probably #1 favorite activity).

Ollie also graduated from his toddler bed and got new (to Ollie but not new to the Parker family) bunk beds. These bunks were Ryan’s as a kid.  He is so excited to be sleeping on the top bunk!


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