The girls are here!

I was trying to recall when exactly we decided we were going to get backyard ducks. I always thought it would be cool to have chickens. Their colored eggs are very beautiful. But my knowledge of farming is lacking, although I don’t mind getting my hands dirty.

I remember at Thanksmas in San Diego Ryan gave me the book “Ducks Eggs Daily” by Lisa Steele. After I got the book, I read it and thought to myself this is getting real.

Fast forward here it is about to be spring and if we are going to do this the time is now to place your order. We look at the calendar and try to figure out the best date for them to arrive. Metzger Farms is where the girls were ordered from and they have a date that works for us.

It’s pretty slick how the process works. The ducks hatch on a Monday and they ship them USPS priority mail that same day. In that day though the birds get sexted too before they are shipped. It seems like a fascinating operation to get all that taken care of in one day. I’ve read too specifically with Welsh Harlequins you can sext them by beak color on the first day but then others have refuted that theory. From what we could find Metzger is the only farm that does sext their ducks. Since we are essentially city kitties having a drake around might be too much.

April 17th they hatch. April 19th the ducks arrive at the USPS post office. I wake up that day, log-in and see through the tracking the ducks were already delivered to Camas from California at 6:45M. I wake Ryan up EXCITEDLY telling him the girls are there. Ryan heads up to the post office.  I wake Lucy up too so she can be ready too see them when Ryan gets home.

Right when he gets them he reports hearing little chirps. I think to myself “they are alive”. It seems like a crazy practice to ship birds in the mail but apparently it really is quite commonplace.

Ryan pulls up and the ducks are here! We are very excited to open the box. Drum Roll!!!!!

Ducks Arrival

They are so sweet and so, so tiny!


The girls are getting settled in. I read to make sugar water for them to encourage them to drink but I didn’t. I was assuming the girls would come without any food or water but they did have this green gel stuff that must have been sustainable enough. They didn’t have any problems eating or drinking right away. Some info says to not give them food until after an hour of water, but we had it all in there and everything was ok.

This paint tray Ryan used in the brooder is ingenious. I cannot imagine how dirty the brooder box would get if we didn’t have that. More info to come.


This girl Ollie claimed  and named her Quackers, you can see why.


Lucy could not wait to hold one. We left them alone in the morning to make sure they got used to their surroundings and were able to relax after their journey from California but soon enough Lucy was in the mix holding her girl “Fuzzy”. Fuzzy is really beautiful. She has a peach colored beak and might be a different color from the other two. Right now she is coming off as the more dominant lady in the pack.



I am very excited for this duck adventure!






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