Happy May!

As I type this on our “no plans” weekend, the early morning sun is beaming in.  Nice way to kick off May!

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When I was a kid I remember getting immersed in a chapter book and reading for hours at a time. I loved a good book. I fondly remember reading the old Nancy Drew set that was my moms and really loved every one of those mystery stories. Some other elementary readers that stand out are the Sweet Valley Twins, the Babysitters Club,  and the Ramona Quimby books. It’s cool knowing now there are some Ramona references in Portland streets and landmarks.  During Ollie’s kindergarten year he has become a really good reader. Now that he can read he reads everything in his surroundings and is so observant and inquisitive. It’s been a neat transformation.  Our little reader has found a book he loves and read on his own. The series is called Secret Agent Jack Stalwart. Ollie is a big fan.

Ollie loves sports but his all time favorite seems to be basketball. He and I were lucky to go to the Trailblazers play off game this week and the Blazer’s won! It’s a tradition to get face painting before the game and on the way Ollie told me he wanted a special play off design. During the game he took a selfie of his design (unprompted). These kids they just know selfies. He also convinced the Carolyn and I to get our faces painted too.

This week we had a bike to school day with Ollie’s school pal Greyden, his mom and little bro Garrett who is Lucy’s age.  The boys celebrated Earth Day at school with a walking field trip to the park. Ollie said to me “Mom, can we ride my bike to school? When we use our car it puts pollution in the air”. On the way home there was a stop off to count the mosaic stones and another stop at the book box.

Lucy’s class room has an awesome larger than life springtime butterfly decoration!

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Lucy’s school also had a bug picnic lunch this week. Most of the days she is not at school when they have special outings but she happened to go this week and she was beyond thrilled. A packed lunch was picnic and I secretly think she was thrilled because Ollie gets to take a school a packed lunch everyday.  On Sunday Lucy said “I want pees, apples,  grapes in my lunch”. When I went to tuck her in that night she had already packed her pees in her lunch box in her room! Wednesday night before the picnic she had picked out a special picnic outfit and when she woke in the morning she popped out of bed and got dressed. This girl usually likes to stay in her jammies.

We also enjoyed a nice dinner with Grandma and Papa. I made this Mario Battalli pasta recipe. It was so good except prosciutto was substituted for pancetta. This change made for a lively discussion with Ryan and my dad. Dessert was at Flash Freeze. Pretty magical there!


In not so good news, it turns out if you have mild tooth pain for a year it might mean you have an infection brewing.  Even though it doesn’t hurt yes another root canal is in order.  I guess the black spaces on the x-ray are where the bone has been eroded away but the good news is bone does regenerate.

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