Springtime with the Kids

Springtime is here! We have enjoyed colorful walks and bike rides to school, even some legitamate short days. Spring break has come and gone, the school year is waning down.  It’s been wonderful being outside more.


Our life recently.

A stop off in Hood River to see Uncle Matt on our way home from Sun River. It’s a perfect day for collecting rocks from the Columbia River. WHEW-lots of rivers going on here!

Curly hair after rocking braids for 4 days. Everybody is happy with braids, it’s the best kind of ski hair and no brushing needed for days!


Lucy’s had an idea to paint the rocks she collected. The plan was set into motion. She squirted the paints onto the plate so carefully and painted away. She painted a gold one. This ones “for you mommy” in her sweet little voice. She was so excited to invite our neighbor over to paint with her.

I love my days off with Lucy. Each one is different. We both enjoy staying at home. Most recently I had the honor of being a student to Teacher Lucy.






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