The boys and the girls

It was a slightly irregular day around the house because it was just Lucy and I. Her favorite activity around the house lately is playing with all her animals. She will have them host parties where they each line up on a step or she will line them up and give them a bowl, a domino, a wooden robot, whatever she can find. Lucy sometimes gets a little frustrated when they won’t stand up but she really, really enjoys her animals. It seems like the pink ones are her favorite. Today she said to me “Mama will you come have a snack with me and the boys”. I had never heard to her refer to her animals as boys but I went with it. She had them all set up on the big dining room table and here is what I found. It was lion, Mickey and a bear.


Usually at her animal parties all the pink and white ones are there. I didn’t see them at all at our “party”. Finally I realized she was calling the boys her non-pink, non-girly stuffed animals. After we were done I asked her where the girls were and off course they were all together in the living room hiding behind the sofa. She ran back there to show me.

DSC_0372 DSC_0373

We had a merry time all afternoon playing with her animals!



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