This girl…

A few weeks back Lucy was eating her afternoon snack of “pasta” with “more cheese please”. When she is at the table eating she frequently asks “will you sit with me mama?”. So glad my camera was handy.

She has such a personality this little girl. This is one of her favorite faces, she gets a big squinty eye smile when she is intentionally trying to be cute or get out of something she knows she might be in trouble for. This face cracks me up though (excuse the parmesan cheese!).


At two and one-half her favorite things are booka and baby (her paci) and the color pink and purple. She loves singing in the car. I recently downloaded some Frozen songs and she belts out “Let it Go”.  By the way she really likes Frozen. She saw a regular snowman at Costco the other day and pointed to him and called him “first time in forever”.  She loves swinging (I bet from Ollie), fruit and lots of it (unlike Ollie who is only a grapes and apples kind of guy). She also really liked pedaling her tricycle around the cul-de-sac and up the hill to get our mail.


In the morning when she wakes up and I bring her into bed she just loves snuggling up to me and is  still so little and cuddly.


During her story time before bed she usually wants me to read her stories.  During her stories she sits there and just contently listens.  She seems so cozy and enthralled with the story I feel like we could read all night. Her favorite books right now are “Curious George, Don’t Feed the Animals”, a book about Bull Dozers, and “Hide and Seek Elmo”. She still really loves the piggy too.



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