Grant Park Pool

Last summer we took late afternoon swim lessons at Grant Park Pool. It’s great in the summer because it’s hot and it’s an outdoor pool! It was kind of hectic driving down there and I wasn’t sure we would do that again especially with the driving in rush hour traffic but Ollie insisted on doing it there you. So, we did! Ollie loved it and he did awesome. His teacher was Anne and he seems to love all his swim teachers. The last one we had was Tina and Ollie asked if we could invite her over for dinner. In regards to Anne Ollie would ask every day if he would get to see her today. He certainly is happy being in her class!


He was in the Otter class and they worked on things like the “back-glide with kick”, “the front crawl without breathing” and the “side-breathing with arms on wall”.  I loved watching him practice all his skills.

DSC_0014       DSC_0008

Lucy is taking lessons at LaCamas Swim and Sport by our house so she has been a trooper hanging out on the side. We have read books, eaten snacks, snuck away lots of times to go say hi to Ollie, and usually in the last few minutes she gets to play the phone.



The last day of class all the kids in lessons did a massive ring-around-the-rosie. It was pretty cool! When Ollie isn’t practicing with Anne he usually is doing his arm circles on the side or just bobbing up and down having a merry old time.


They also have a slide at the pool that Ollie loves.


I am glad we made the trek into Portland. Ollie had a great time and on the last day we even got to get snow cones! Cheers to summer!



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