Pre-K Graduation

Ollie has been in the Pre-K class this year at school. His teachers are Carrie and Heather. He is not going to kindergarten until next year but is in a class with a lot of 5 year olds who truly were graduating.  The show was great! They sang some great songs (days of the week, months of the year) and even two surprise songs I had never Ollie sing before (a vegetable song and an exercise phonics song!). Ollie’s closest 5-year old buddies James, Garrett and Char will be going to kindergarten. Ollie and Richard will likely be moving to the other Pre-K, “Pre-K One”.

Ollie and his buddies ready to sing.

Ready for the Show

Certificate time.

Ollie Graduation-9

Lucy pumped up to be on the “big-kid” playground.



3 Cheers for Graduation!!


Ollie Graduation-5 Ollie Graduation Ollie Graduation-7 Ollie Graduation-6 Ollie Graduation-4 Ollie Graduation-3 Ollie and his Pre-K2 Teachers, Carrie and Heather



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