Most night I go to bed I think to my self “man, I hope I never forgot how the kids were today”. Little things they say, do, I really hope these memories can stay with me forever.

Last night we had Matt and Liz over to see our new house and discuss upcoming wedding plans. Ryan was making this super duper fancy meat recipe from Alton Brown. He called me to open up the meat to let it rest. Ollie and I were hanging in the kitchen together like usual. He was watching me up wrap the meat.

Ollie: “I’m sorry cow. Mom how did the cow get killed”

Me: “I don’t know Ollie, they get slaughtered but not sure how they do it. I really prefer not to think about it.”

Ollie: “But mom, how can you not think about it when the meat is right there. I’m sorry cow!”

Man, I love this kid!




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